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Innsbruck Panorama

11 Relaxing Things to Do in Innsbruck with Kids

Vacations can get pretty hectic. Sometimes all you need is a place to relax, take in the views, people watch, and enjoy each other. Innsbruck is a great place to do just that. It’s small and quaint, and it’s ideal for a day trip with the kids from either Munich or Salzburg. After a day in Salzburg, we took the train to Venice, Italy. But before we could...

Salzburg Castle

13 Delightful Things to Do in Salzburg with Kids

The goal of most vacations is to leave the day-to-day and enjoy not being busy. But sometimes vacations can feel just as stressful as “real life”. But not in Salzburg, Austria. The city is full of charm, history, culture, and even pop culture. But it’s not enormous like other places with as much heritage and influence. Salzburg is actually pretty...

Munich Frauenkirche

Munich with Kids – A Trip through the Bavarian Fairyland

In Part 2 of our European Adventure, we left Iceland (read about our visit to Iceland) and headed back to the continent through Munich, Germany. The city is the 3rd largest in Germany and the 12th in Europe and is well-known for its beer, pretzels, sausages, and Bavarian heritage. But most of all, Munich is chock full of activities for families with kids. Table of...