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Puerto Rico El Morro

Puerto Rico – A Piece of the Caribbean in the US

Since Lucas’ Fall Break was quickly approaching in October 2018, we went on the hunt for ideas for a quick family vacation. Normally, we come up with a few destination options and go to work on figuring out costs, budget, and ways to save, mostly with points and miles. This time was no different. Our family vacation ideas ranged from going back to Iceland (or...

Puerto Vallarta Los Arcos

Puerto Vallarta – Fun in the Sun Vacation with Kids

By the time Spring rolls around in the Midwest, most of us are entirely fatigued from the frigid weather in these parts. Spring Break is on, so it’s time to get out of town on vacation with the kids. Destination: somewhere warm! We decided to head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after contemplating a few options: a trip to the Adriatic coast, a tour around France...